Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring is the method of collecting data in order to provide alerts in response to issues such as unplanned downtime or resource saturation. Monitoring is useful for detecting any potential problem before it becomes critical, and also helps to determine its root cause.
Moeco allows for a non-intrusive way to monitor both urban and industrial infrastructure by using cheap, small, and energy-efficient (up to 5 years without charging) sensors that can be placed anywhere. The solution helps to collect missing information on a large scale infrastructure, which includes cities, industrial facilities, energy, and transportation companies.

Application areas

Environmental Conditions

Track all possible environmental conditions for a smarter city

Industrial Equipment

Upgrade infrastructure for a fraction of a cost and eliminate problems before they occur

Electricity Grids

Monitor electricity consumption in real-time on a wire level

Moeco Monitoring Solution

Moeco Solution for infrastructure monitoring includes a hardware and a software part. On the hardware part simple sensors collect various data efficiently even in electricity-less areas, can be customized to equipment, and require no retrofitting to be placed. Data from sensors can be streamlined into a customer's system through API or be visualized in a web-interface.


Environmental sensor

Moeco BLE-based environmental sensors can be customized and can combine various sensing functions. The environmental sensor allows for affordable data collection to help monitor environmental conditions on a scale. Low-cost, small, and energy-efficient it can be placed anywhere and ideal for smart cities.


Air pollution
Noise level

Wireless people counter

BLE-based wireless people counter takes customer tracking to a new level: gather much more data on traffic in a store or outside for a lower price. Small and portable it can be placed on every shelf and every small zone to track how people move inside a store. The counter is also perfect for tracking human traffic is a city, parks, or any electricity-less areas.


Human traffic

Electricity consumption ring

Moeco Cable Ring is a BLE-based sensor that measures electricity consumption on a cable level. With the measurement range of 5 to 50A, the ring can internally log for up to 1 week worth of data when needed and can be adjusted to a cable size. Moeco ring allows for continuous non-intrusive and reliable electricity monitoring in private houses, commercial real estate, and large production facilities.


Electricity consumption

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