Logistics & Supply Chain

Moeco knows that production and transit process at every step presents challenges that greatly affect the supply chain. Shipment delays, delivery conditions violations, theft, lax monitoring of cargo, human factors: all these can put profits at risk and increase the cost pressure.
Moeco brings accuracy and safety to the supply chain. A cheap and simple Moeco sensor allows for tracking of various parameters of location, delivery conditions, and events such as damage or opening of a shipment. Moeco is ideal for sensitive goods tracking, for cold chain monitoring, and pharmaceuticals delivery.

Application areas

Cold Chain Delivery

Temperature-sensitive goods, such as fresh fish, meat, and vegetables

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Blood delivery conditions, sensitive medications and supplies

Asset Tracking

Electronics, precious metals, gems, raw materials and asset inventory

Moeco Logistics Solution

Moeco Logistics & Supply Chain solution collects and delivers insights through simple sensors and a web-interface. Moeco offers customization of the product, so sensors fit to our customer's particular needs, and data can be streamed into a ERP-system or a web-interface.


Disposable asset tracker

Moeco's BLE-based asset tracker allows for tracking and tracing a shipment’s movements, delivery conditions, and various events like an opening or a collision.

Since not all shipments are the same, Moeco offers a sensor base that can be customized: both hardware, depending on tracking needs, and a form-factor to fit a particular package, pallet or container.


Light exposure


Moeco sensors placed on cargos and assets are managed through a web-interface, where customers has full control over sensors, spendings and data. Moeco offers a full integration with the most popular ERP systems to streamline data or it can be visualised directly in the web-interface.

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