Consumer Packaged Goods

We understand that it can be difficult to receive reliable information on what’s happening to your consumer products once they go out for shipment. Each product has a unique life cycle, and will incur many learnings along with insights that can be gathered from actual use of a product to shifts in consumer behavior.
Moeco offers a solution for CPG/FMCG companies to gathers data on the full life cycle of a product: from production through to end-use/recycling while gaining actionable insights from the slightest changes in consumer behavior.

Application areas

Product Performance

Get insights on how often and where people purchase, how they store, how they use your product

Consumption Patterns

Gather information on a scale on how people consume your product and track slightest changes in the behavior

Means of Recycling

Get information on where your product ends up at the end of its life cycle to optimize recycling efforts

Moeco CPG Solution

Moeco Solution for Consumer Packaged Goods industry unlocks access to consumer behavior data for various types of products from packaged beverages to personal care goods. No approximations and marketing polls anymore: get data on actual use of a product and build on it.


Product life tracker

Moeco Product Life Tracker is a simple sensor that can be adjusted to various types of packages to track conditions and events throughout a product's life.

Product Life Tracker allows for collecting data on how a product is transported, how much time it spends on a shelf, how often people touch it or hold it before buying, how and how long a product is used, and, finally, how it is recycled. No personal data is collected, only things that happened to a product.


Light exposure


Everything that happens to a product out there can be seen through Moeco's web-interface. Manage sensors for different groups of products, get real-time data on what's going on, compare product performance, and take actions.

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