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Starter kit

Our $499 starter pack includes 11 (5+5+1) trackers, a solution suggested based on your company's workflow, a personal account manager, educational sessions, platform deployment, 3 months testing, value-based proposition for your business, and personalized improvement recommendations to maximize your ROI.
Global tag GSM Tracker (MGT2101)
Real-time shipment monitoring
Real-time data about location and condition monitoring throughout the entire delivery process
  • Built-in SIM card.
  • Passive NFC tag.
  • Non-volatile memory.
  • Vandal-proof case.
  • Mounting on a shipping strap or on a package.
  • Anti-intrusion sensor.
  • Compliance with the international standards: European Union (CE), Japan (JIS & VCCI), USA (FCC).
  • Detection of a cargo location with the use of:
    - GSM triangulation;
    - WiFi access points.
  • Measurement & logging of the following parameters:
    - Ambient temperature;
    - Ambient humidity;
    - Orientation;
    - Cases of impacts;
    - Light intensity (optional).
Bluetooth Logger (MGT1201)
Conditions Logging
Condition logging during the delivery process and automatic data offload at the destination point
  • Measurement & logging of the following parameters:
    - Ambient temperature;
    - Ambient humidity (optional);
    - Orientation;
    - Cases of impacts;
    - Light intensity.


Our easy, streamlined booking process will see you unpacking your first Moeco starter kit in no time! The extended 3-month trial period will let you better feel and understand the power of our logistical insights at your fingertips.


Ourt wo types of sensors measure a wide range of conditions and fit any type of packaging, from a single small parcel to a shipping container or trailer. Thanks to Bluetooth LE, they are easy to connect and last long on the built-in battery.


Our platform sources raw data from the sensors and presents real-time actionable insights in our easy-to-navigate online dashboard, accessible from anywhere on any device. For the duration of the trial, you will enjoy a fully transparent supply chain.

Get insights

Based on the data received and the results of the trial period, we will offer you a customized solution that will help to improve your supply chain performance and make logistical decisions faster, with greater intelligence alongside comprehensive data insights.

How it works

Create full visibility of your supply chain by tracking your assets globally and monitoring their conditions at any time with the help of our platform. Interested to explore a use case for your business and to determine ROI impact? Follow our steps below to get started:


Fill out the form below to provide your contact details to our team. Please consider adding a short description of your business field.


Our managers will get in touch with you to establish your business needs and suggest suitable types and quantities of tracking equipment to conduct a trial.


Receive the equipment and attach our trackers on your parcels, pallets, and/or containers.Go to our online dashboard to set up your account and monitor your shipments with intelligent actionable data customized to your specific needs.

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